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Performances, demonstrations,

interactivity, flavors & fun,

from every corner of the planet

nyITS 2022 helps you

expand your business

Targeted trade and consumer marketing campaigns attracts thousands of travel professionals and affluent consumers with a love of travel and tourism

nyITS 2022 provides exhibitors with

the most comprehensive and cost-effective exhibiting package

nyITS 2022 has been created by the same team that produced the New York Times Travel Show for 17 years.
This team will provide you with the most cost-effective way to reach thousands of tourism professionals, travel media professionals and qualified consumer travelers.

LGBTQ+ Pavilion

The LGBTQ Pavilion gathers dozens of tourism brands offering trip-planning inspiration, experiences, tours, cruises, travel packages, hotels, travel insurance and other categories for the enjoyment and safety of LGBTQ travelers and their friends and loved ones. The Pavilion includes advice from the world’s leading LGBTQ travel experts, and provides an opportunity to win prizes, hear original music, and take advantage of show-only trip offers.

Family Travel Pavilion

The Family Travel Association (FTA) proudly sponsors the Family Travel Pavilion which will provide an interactive look at what the industry is offering traveling families. Visiting the Pavilion is a great way to entertain the kids while learning about vacations and getaways for families.

Cultural Stages

Attendees will be able to visit three Cultural Stages on the Show floor and experience cultural presentations by performers from exhibiting countries around the world. They will learn about the history of those exhibiting countries through music and performances by dancers in original country costumes. Consumer travelers will then be able to visit booths representing those countries and learn more about visiting those countries.

CHTAEF Auction

The Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association Education Foundation (CHTAEF) Annual Charity Auction will take place at ITS2022. Attendees can visit the CHTAEF Auction booth to bid on dozens of Caribbean hotel vacations. They will be able to choose from amazing deals on exceptional Caribbean getaways. All proceeds will go towards funding scholarships and training for Caribbean hospitality industry professionals

Tastes of the World Theater

The Tastes Of The World theater and Pavilion is presented by Doug Duda, host of the ground-breaking A&E International tv series The Well Seasoned Traveler. For the last twenty years, Doug has collaborated with show producers MSE Management to present international culinary experiences including Tastes Of The World in several travel shows in Miami, Atlanta, Boston and New York. The Tastes Of The World theater includes a purpose built kitchen with seating for approximately 150 visitors. Presentations will offer tips and tastes to thousands of travel professionals and consumer traveler attendees. Additional features of the Tastes Of The World Theater area include “tasting tables” and “culinary book signings”.


On Trade Only Day, Friday, October 28th, the Tastes Of The World theater will include presentations by culinary travel experts and cooking school owners from around the world. Culinary travel presentations will take place in the theater on Friday from 3-5pm. These presentations will be followed by the official Travel Industry Reception from 5-7pm, which will be located in the theatre area and offers tastings from around the world.


On Consumer Days, Saturday, October 29th and Sunday, October 30th from 10am to 5pm, culinary presentations will be made by leading chefs to promote the diversity of cooking and ingredients from around the world. The presentations truly offer visitors with several “tastes of the world”. As we emerge from the pandemic, there has been a renewed interest in fresh products and services, and innovative cooking techniques and dishes are abundant in home-cooking and restaurants. Tastes Of The World will showcase new culinary dishes that will encourage travelers to visit new destinations.